HyGear b.v., The Netherlands

HyGear b.v.

HyGear is an innovative SME based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, with a focus on the development and manufacturing of hydrogen generation products, such as fuel processors for fuel cells and on-site hydrogen generators (HGS) for fuelling stations. HyGear’s major strengths are its excellent engineering skills, prototyping capabilities, and the strong commitment to move hydrogen related technologies closer to market entry. HyGear brings system development and customer requirements knowledge to the ADEL consortium. At present, HyGear employs 45 persons.

Role in the project
HyGear is part of WP2 (integration issues) and WP3 (H2 Plant flow sheets and cases study). In close cooperation with the responsible partners, HyGear will design and model the HTE unit and investigate the interaction of external energy and heat sources. In WP3, HyGear will participate in total system design.


Dr Ellart de Wit
Director of Governmental Affairs & Research Programs

Dr-Ing Michael Walter
Project Manager