European Institute for Energy Research

The research centre EIFER brings together the skills and competencies of one of Europe’s major energy companies (EDF) and a leading German university (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). By cross-cutting the Energy and Environment fields, EIFER aims at developing tools and innovative technologies for the energy sector. The group that will be involved in ADEL is the ‘Distributed Resources’ Group.

EIFER has already successfully tested short-stacks from various manufacturers among them HTceramix (Hi2H2 and SEMI-EHT projects) and Topsoe Fuel Cell (RelHy) in high temperature electrolysis mode.

Role in the project
EIFER will manage WP2 (Integration issues) and will participate in WP1 (Stack component optimisation) and WP3 (H2 Plant flow sheets and cases study).


Dr Annabelle Brisse                                             
High Temperature Electrolysis Project Leader     

Floriane Petipas
High Temperature Electrolysis Research Engineer