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Four future oriented fields of research form the key areas of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) activities: aeronautics, space flight, transport research, and energy technology. DLR’s Solar Research Division has experience of more than 20 years in both national and international co-operative RTD projects concerning the application of solar radiation. The RTD work followed in all segments of the use of concentrated solar energy for power production, for solar chemistry, for solar materials research, for technoeconomic system analyses including feasibility and market studies, for engineering, for plant operation simulation and performance prediction.

Role in the project
DLR is WP leader of WP3 (H2 Plant flow sheet and cases study) and also involved in WP2 (Integration issues). DLR’s activity will mainly focus on the heat and power supply to the electrolyser, in particular addressing renewable energy sources. DLR will develop and evaluate process concepts and flow sheets with a special emphasis on the interface between electrolyser and energy source. DLR will participate in the analysis of specific application scenarios and in the preparation of a demonstration case.

Dr Martin Roeb
Project Manager