Cars that use a PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) fuel cell are an important application area for the new cost-competitive H2 production technology.

During a Work Package 3 meeting held February 2013 at DLR's premises in Cologne, the partners (DLR, EIFER, HyGear and EA) defined a potential demonstration process (application scenario n°1) of the ADEL technology:
Hydrogen Filling Station for vehicles

Watch the demonstration video:

Hydrogen Transport and refueling infrastructure
Electric vehicles can help reduce emissions and energy consumption in the transport system. The latest generation of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles offer full performance comparable to vehicles with an internal combustion engine but they do not use gasoline and do not pollute the environment. Read more:

In the focus of the March 2012 Newsletter of the European Hydrogen Association (EHA): launching of a new European fuel cell bus demonstration project,
High VLO-City.